Moduls Engineering

Moduls Engineering is an engineering communications company founded in 1994 specialising in building management systems (BMS), power supply and lighting technical solutions, installation of low-voltage networks.

Mehāniskās sistēmas

Mehāniskās Sistēmas Ltd. is a company with 15 years of experience specialising in the construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Architects' Bureau Nams was established in 1992. The architects' bureau provides the full scope of project development process services taken care of by architects, project managers, landscape gardening specialists, road designers, and area planners. The range of services includes architecture, construction project management, landscape gardening, road design, traffic organisation, area planning.


Krasts Architects' Bureau is a company established in 2004 and specialising in the development of public buildings and civil construction objects.

Ozola un Bula

Architects' Bureau Ozola & Bula is a company founded in 1998 offering architects' services, the preparation of architectural sketches, preliminary designs and construction projects, construction project management (function of the main contractor), design supervision and interior design projects.


Architects' Bureau ARHIS Ltd. is a company founded in 1988 and specialising in the development of construction projects, including architectural, design and engineering parts of the projects. This architects' bureau also provides design supervision during construction.


Engineering Bureau Būves un Būvsistēmas Ltd. offers project management, supervision and consulting services in the construction process to the developers of new buildings and objects under reconstruction, including the technical and economic assessment of the construction idea, preparation of the design briefs, supervision of technical project development, technical project assessment and other services related to the implementation of construction projects.