About the company

Management and staff


Velve employs certified construction specialists in the following areas:

  • building construction management and site supervision,
  • building demolition management,
  • assembly of technological equipment and structures,
  • restoration management and site supervision,
  • electric installation management and site supervision,
  • water supply and sewerage systems construction management and site supervision,
  • heating and ventilation systems construction management and site supervision.
Toms Reiziņš, VELVE Board Member

Toms Reiziņš, VELVE Board Member / Finance Director

Toms Reiziņš began his career in the IT field by introducing various IT solutions for the improvement of business processes in the largest companies of Latvia, but for the past 12 years he has been professionally involved in finance management. During these years T. Reiziņš has worked as a financial analyst, business controller, but later on he has successfully proven himself as a financial and administrative director, and member of the management team in one of the leading construction companies in Latvia – “Latvijas Energoceltnieks”.

T. Reiziņš acquired his higher education and Bachelor’s degree of social sciences in management and Master’s degree of social sciences in management at the University of Latvia. Since acquiring the academic degrees T. Reiziņš has supplemented his knowledge in business management field, providing the highest contribution to the national economy, studying for a doctorate and becoming a candidate for a Degree in Science. During this time he has become the co-author of 7 publications in internationally cited editions, studying the problem of decision-making.

According to what T. Reiziņš believes, only constant improvement of professional skills and continued supplementation of knowledge allows one to become a specialist of the highest level.

Ainārs Leitēns, Chairman of the Board

Ivo Brālēns, VELVE BOARD MEMBER / Technical Director

Ivo Brālēns is a professional with 20 years of experience in the construction field. He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and the qualification of Civil Engineer in the specialisation of construction and reconstruction at Riga Technical University. He began his professional career as a Construction Manager, and has worked in the positions of Chief Construction Manager, Project Manager, Project Director and Technical Director at several construction companies of Latvia.

Ivo Brālēns has extensive experience in the designing and construction of large public buildings, as well as residential buildings and office premises. His competencies include project/construction management at the construction site, which involves management and controlling of human resources, inspection of the construction works and material quality, planning of the supplies, management of agreement execution, representation of the contractor, and many other aspects of the profession, as well as training of new construction workers in the construction field by educating the young professionals.

The work and experience of Ivo Brālēns has been acknowledged twice by an industry award, when he received the title of Engineer of the Year at the Annual Construction Industry Awards in 2013 and 2015.